The Many Uses of Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

The Many Uses of Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Jun 8th 2022 Staff

Outdoor hanging lanterns are about as quintessential as you can get when it comes to outdoor lighting. They offer a very traditional design, but many boast a modern look and feel that add to any outdoor living space. Southern Lights is a lighting store in Burnsville. Our exceptional lighting designers can help you choose the perfect outdoor hanging lantern for your needs. Below, we'll take a look at some of the many uses of outdoor hanging lanterns. Shop at our lighting showroom, orbrowse online today!

Pergola Lighting

的藤蔓缠绕木十字架beams that form an open lattice pattern. Pergolas are popular outdoor features that are found in backyards across Minnesota. They can be covered or open, and many people love to hang plants from them as they sit and enjoy their outdoor living spaces. Outdoor hanging lanterns, such as ourSedona 11'' Hanging Lantern, look gorgeous under pergolas and can light up this space swimmingly. Shop today.

Deck Lighting

Decks are another popular outdoor living space that serve as great entertainment areas, extra eating spaces, and relaxation spots. There are many options for deck lighting, and outdoor hanging lanterns can do the trick. Hanging lanterns can offer a certain feel that you can't get elsewhere. Plus, they add the "cool" effect that many love. For those who love spending time on their decks, you'll love the feeling hanging lanterns bring. Shop with us today.

Patio Lighting

Patios are great outdoor living spaces that are easy as can be and offer many different uses, including a place to grill and dine, an area to entertain or have friends over for coffee, and a place for the kids and dogs to play. Southern Lights offers great hanging lanterns for your patio space, including ourBeekman Place 17'' Outdoor Lanternthat can provide just the light you need for long summer nights. Shop today.

Gazebo Lighting

A gazebo is a beautiful structure that usually stands off from your home. It is covered and is usually hexagonal or octagonal in shape. These free-standing structures are great in your garden, and when you are enjoying them, it's helpful to have the best possible outdoor lighting. A hanging lantern, such as theOutdoor Pendant 4Lt, offers a classic look and enough light to spare. Order today!

Garden Lighting

When you are sitting outside either in your garden or nearby, the array of colors, plants, and vegetables can make your heart sing. And, if a butterfly flits by and decides to land for a spell, your day is made even brighter. To continue to enjoy your outdoor spaces, consider a hanging lantern, such as ourOutdoor Pendant 1Lt,可以口音你的花园非常漂亮。商店day.

Pavilion Lighting

Pavilions are similar to gazebos except they are larger and usually feature no railings. They are used to cover outdoor living spaces, such as outdoor kitchens, seating areas, and even pool areas. Our hanging lanterns can supply all of your pavilion lighting needs and add the versatile style you've been looking for. Try ourMedium Hanging Lanternthat offers a distinctive and stunning look. Shop today.


When shopping at our Burnsville lighting store for exterior lighting, consider our hanging lanterns. You'll love the grace and style they bring, and they are built to withstand the elements. For more than 20 years, we've been supplying the homeowners and business owners of Burnsville with the best lighting options. If you are looking for hanging lanterns or other types of exterior lighting, stop by our lighting showroom, orbrowse online today!

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